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Trattamento hirudotherapy varicose in zaporojie

Varicose Diseases. Leech therapy for complicated varicose veins. Varicose Diseases. Dawali is a disease in which veins of legs and feet become dilated, tortuous, and. Dawali ( varicose vein) is first described in Ebers Papyrus over 3500 years ago. Indian J Med Res.
1998 Jun; 107: 281- 4. Medical leech therapy reemerged in the 70ies of the last century as an. Pictures showing the final results after leech therapy treatment, laser treatment and surgery for varicose veins diseases. Bapat RD( 1), Acharya BS, Juvekar S, Dahanukar SA.

The commonest indication of leech therapy as mentioned in unani classical literature are dawali ( varicose vein), quroohe khabeesa ( septic wound), khanazeer. Controlled study 50 patients with varicose veins were treated either by. Author information:.